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“Jeff is a dedicated professional and a very charismatic speaker. He has a disarming way of approaching difficult questions that helps people to see different points of view. He is also very funny! I highly recommend him as a speaker on this topic and others.”
          Sarah Pallas: Professor, GeorgiaStateUniversity (colleague) (client)

“I have worked with Jeffrey Selman in his case Selman v. Cobb County Board of Education on the placement of disclaimer stickers in biology textbooks regarding the teaching of evolution. Jeff is a passionate and articulate advocate for the integrity of science education and the separation of Church and State. He is forthright and energetic and determined. I am happy to highly recommend Jeff for public speaking on this topic.”
          Carlos Moreno: Assistant Professor, EmoryUniversity(colleague)

“Mr. Selman is a dedicated proponent of the separation of church and state. He is very knowledgeable on the subject and advocates for his position in a clear, cogent manner. He is a man of principle and speaks eloquently and passionately. You will find Mr. Selman to be an engaging speaker with a good sense of humor. I highly recommend him as a speaker on this subject.”
         Ronald Matson: Professor of Biology & Chair, Dept. of Biology & Physics,          Kennesaw State University (colleague)

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
“Jeff kept a large group of Georgia Tech Students riveted for over an hour on a Friday night talking about freedom of religion and the independence of science education. As a Georgia Tech faculty member I know that is no easy task. His talk was great and we hope to have him back soon.”
          Pete Ludovice: Associate Professor Georgia Institute of Technology, (client)

“Jeffrey Selman put his commitment to the separation of church and state into action as a citizen by serving as a plaintiff in Selman v. Cobb County 2005. He now is committed to making sure all Americans know that the defense of church/state separation is the responsibility of every citizen who values the Constitution.”
          Barbara Forrest: Board of Directors, National Center for Science Education, (colleague)

“Jeff Selman is a congregant of mine at Temple Kol Emeth in Marietta, GA. He was also a guest on my radio show two years ago on a program called Atlanta Jewish Talk. Jeff is passionate about his beliefs, he's extremely articulate, and he is in command of his facts. I've heard Jeffrey speak out on issues he feels strongly about on a number of occasions at the temple and on my radio program and he is not only a speaker but also a doer. It was only a few years ago that Jeff got the Cobb County School board to remove a disclaimer from its text books stating that evolution is just a theory. I endorse Jeff Selman as an activist, speaker, and teacher and would give him the highest recommendation possible."
          Mark Perman: Ordained Clergy, TempleKol Emeth, (client)

“I interviewed Jeffrey on my talk show about his work defending church-state separation in the school systems and he has a compelling story to tell and tells it well. Also suggested several other people in this area I could and did talk to later.”
          Pete Ferrand: radio personality, Bliss Communications (client)

“Jeff Selman has spoken to the Atlanta Freethought Society. He has excellent speaking capabilities and is a strong supporter of church/state separation.”
          Steve Yothment: President Atlanta Free Thought Society, (client)

“Good speaker--lively and quite knowledgeable about church/state. He'll stimulate good questions and keep people at ease w/ his self-deprecating wit. --Ed Buckner, President, American Atheists”
          Ed Buckner: President, American Atheists (client)

Jeffrey is an expert on the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and specifically the separation of church and state. He has been on the front lines of the battle over this principle in our country. He has an amazing, truly American story to tell. He stood up and fought for his rights, and he won! Our forefathers would be proud. He also just happens to be a fantastically dynamic speaker. It's always a pleasure to see Jeffrey, and it's even better to hear him!”
          Anne Bartoletti: Member North Fulton Democrats Georgia (client)
          Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

“Jeff is extremely knowledgeable on separation of church and state and related issues. Jeff received local and national attention for his efforts in a local case that he fought to remove anti-evolution stickers from science textbooks. Through his dogged efforts and determination, he won this case, and he can tell you about it and other cases that he has fought. He will interest, enlighten, and amaze with his story.”
          RuthE Levy: Representative, Democratic Party of Georgia (colleague)

“I first became impressed by Jeff Selman's energy, tenacity, dedication and ability to speak clearly and cogently when Cobb County's "disclaimer" stickers on science textbooks became news in 2004. A year later, I came to know Jeff personally and am even more wowed by his capabilities and accomplishments. He does his homework, knows his facts, and is as compelling "off the cuff" as he is with prepared material. With his very direct speaking manner, peppered with "New York-style" humor, Jeff is consistently engaging and thought provoking.”
          Corey-Jan Albert: Chief Creative Officer, 575 Communications (colleague)

“Jeff is passionate about church-state separation and he has had first-hand experience in the fight for religious freedom. As a plaintiff in two church-state cases, Jeff knows what it is like to stand up for religious freedom even when it is unpopular. Jeff has many stories to tell about his experiences in the fight.”
          Maggie Garrett: Assistant Legislative Director, Americans United for Separation of Church and State (colleague)


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