Jeffrey Selman - Public Speaker
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Jeffrey Selman is available for public speaking engagements with diverse audiences including:

Any and all:

  • Religious affiliations.
  • Political affiliations.
  • Educational associations (both public and private).
  • Student groups (both public and private).
  • Schools, colleges, and universities (both public and private).
  • Advocacy groups.
  • Book Clubs.
  • Science, legal, business and social associations.
His topics include but are not limited too:

Church State Realities In The Public Sphere.
The realities of church state separation in the public sphere in particular public and
private schools.
The Evolving Societal, Not Scientific, Battle Over Creation
The cultural and legal environment surrounding the societal battles of evolution vs.
creation under the umbrella issue of church state separation.
The Constitutional Defense Against Homegrown Theocrats
The historical, cultural, and evolving context of the constitutional protection of
separation of church and state that stand between America and the continuous
assault by our homegrown theocrats.
What Theocracy Wrought
The need to inspire freedom-loving citizens to speak out and stand together against
the American internal theocratic influence that continually attempts to tear down
our constitutional protection of free belief for all people.
Standing up Against Cultural Demagogues
Exposing the true anti-liberty intntions of self-promoting cultural demagogues like
Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and David Barton.

Recommendations and Awards

Speeches That Lead the Way

The First Attempt at Reasoning with the Cobb County Board of Education

"This is what Theocracy wrought." Another Speech to Cobb County Board of Education

Faithful Protection of Church State Separation - a Synopsis of Speech to Temple Kol Emeth during Sukkoth

Transcribed from Penn & Teller show on Cobb County Creationism Excerpt of comments to Cobb County Board of Education during new policy adoption meeting and after theocratic comments offering faith as science. Transcribed from Penn & Teller show on Cobb County Creationism.

Demanding the guarantee of freedom of belief be honored by Government Speech to the Cobb County Board of Commissioners violation of Separation with specific sectarian prayers at government meetings.


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